Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms & Definitions

1.1. By using this website, application or linked extensions of Actual News you accept the following terms & conditions:

1.2. ’Actual News’ (us) is the platform & any content or mechanism directly originating from our website www.actualnews.com or our applications.

1.3. ‘Users’ (you) are anyone accessing the Actual News website or applications.

2. Changes to website or terms

2.1. We reserve the right to alter any aspect of our service & these terms. 2.2. As a community-driven service we ensure changes are publicised ahead of time & seek your input wherever reasonably possible.

2.3. While we take pains to notify our users, it is ultimately your responsibility to abide by these terms & remain vigilant to the effects of alterations. 2.4. Any ideas or concerns are welcomed by our CEO, tom@actualnews.com

3. Disclaimers & limitations

3.1. Our website & applications are provided as-is. No level of satisfaction is guaranteed.

3.2. We accept strictly limited responsibility for damage caused to people or property through any proper or negligent of use of our website & applications.

3.3. Equally, we cannot be held liable for any loss of business, profits or opportunities resulting from this site’s operation.

3.4. We accept no responsibility to make the site or its services available on old devices. Actual News is built to be as backward-compatible as possible, but there are technological limits.

3.5. We don’t publish hate speech or illegal content but may be unable to block such material exhaustively, especially in comment threads, due to human error and limitations. We accept strictly limited liability for such posts, restricted to removing racism, abuse, trolling etc. as soon as possible & sanctioning those posting such material appropriately.

3.6. We are a news service & knowingly publish material some may find offensive, shocking, challenging or similar. Actual News accepts absolutely no liability for subjective distaste. See also clause 8.4.

3.7. These terms & conditions do not exclude liability for harms caused by our negligence which cannot be excluded or limited under relevant law.

4. Privacy & cookies

4.1. Data from all users of the site, including names & email addresses of registered users, location & technical metadata (e.g. IP addresses) are secured within our servers as long as you have a registered profile. This information will be deleted, should you decide to leave.

4.2. We never ‘harvest’ or ‘mine’ data to sell for our direct financial gain; & will only use data to which we have legitimate access for improvements to Actual News. Such changes may indirectly benefit Actual News financially, reflecting an upgraded or refined service.

4.3. Metadata from non-registered users is stored for 6 months at most & may also be used to improve Actual News.

4.4. We will never share data with any third party without clear, knowing consent. 4.5. Actual News is not responsible for data lost or stolen through no fault of our own. 4.6. Cookies: Actual News only uses & collects cookies deemed essential for site operation by EU law.

5. Payments, refunds & publishing

5.1. It is not mandatory to pay for any content hosted on Actual News.

5.2. Payments are made by users to individual content producers voluntarily through Actual News. Due to online transaction costs the lowest payment we can currently process is £1/€1/$1, with no upper limit. Payments can be made on a one-off or recurring basis.

5.3. Actual News collates these payments weekly & sends them to writers, retaining a maximum of 20% for editing, hosting & promotion etc. This amount will range down to 10% depending on the amount of work a submission takes to adjust to publishable quality; writers will be aware of the percentage prior to work going live and it will generally ‘ratchet down’ as we get to know and trust writers, their work thus requiring less checking. See also clause 5.9

5.4. Refunds will not generally be permitted. Payments are made voluntarily and are therefore presumed to be considered, made in good faith after enjoying material & for the express intent of supporting the writer paid and Actual News itself. Refunds will only be given if:

  • 5.4.1. A clear, demonstrable error is made in the amount given.
  • 5.4.2. A writer is found guilty of any serious criminal activity which would give reason to sever our relationship with them.
  • 5.4.3. A writer has used Actual News dishonestly, to process money laundering or similar.

5.5. In the event of the above or alike scenarios, Actual News reserves the right to press criminal & civil charges against anyone using the service dishonestly or criminally & will refund as much of any payments made in good faith as reasonably possible, on a case- by-case basis.

5.6. If you have set up a recurring payment to a writer, you have the right to suspend or cancel this at any time. Cancellations after a payment is made will be ineligible for refunds. It is recommended that a standing order be cancelled at least two working days before payment is due to be taken.

5.7. Actual News will absolutely not offer refunds due to anything so much as resembling a change of feeling towards a particular writer or Actual News.

5.8. Articles are user-submitted without a particular brief or editorial guidelines, however we reserve the right to refuse publication. We will not accept work deemed incitement to violence, pseudoscience & quackery, ‘clickbait’ or sponsored content. Actual News reserves the absolute right of final judgement on what constitutes these classes of unacceptable content. A more detailed writing guide is presented as filler text when creating an article.

5.9. Actual News maintains in-house editors for quality control. The most appropriately qualified & experienced editor available is assigned to proofread and factcheck each piece submitted. The purpose of editing is not to control or override content, but to help publish at the best possible standard. Editors discuss & agree proposed changes.

5.10. We aim to have articles checked, changes agreed & published within 48 hours at maximum - though this process will often be considerably faster, it depends upon our workload & can be expedited by checking facts & writing to the best standard possible. Any ideas, concerns or grievances regarding editing should be raised with our CEO, tom@actualnews.com.

6. Copyright

6.1. The website, application & all associated materials are copyrighted property of Actual News Ltd., company number: 08804473.

6.2. Copyright extends to all designs, logos, icons, methods of displaying & organising articles (NewsWheel, NewsBar), method of submitting articles, forums, designs of interfaces & tools for organising social action & investigative journalism - encompassing all elements of the website & application platform designed & coded specifically for Actual News.

6.3. Reproduction of part or all of Actual News in any form is prohibited.

6.4. Our writers reserve all rights to their work - you own content you author - with the rights & duties this implies.

7. DDA act compliance

7.1. Actual News is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act - every effort is made to ensure all content is accessible as outlined by the act; with high text contrast, scaleable fonts & text-to-speech functionality for descriptions & guidance through the interface - & subtitled video content.

7.2. If the site & app are unsuited to your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact our CEO - tom@actualnews.com - every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate you.

8. Links to third parties

8.1. Links to other website are not necessarily endorsements or implications of affiliation.

8.2. Other sites linking to Actual News does not mean they endorse or are affiliated with us in any way.

8.3. Actual News cannot offer any guarantee or take responsibility for the safety or legality of content hosted by linked third parties.

8.4. We screen submissions & articles for illegal content, but this is a news site & as such reflective of reality. Native and linked content will sometimes be unpleasant & the article headline will usually make this clear. If you have a weak stomach, we advise against following nauseating links & take no responsibility for upset.