ACTUAL NEWS About the team

Thomas Brookes

Tom Brookes - Founder & Director - The idea for Actual News coalesced in my imagination last year, in a car on the way to Liverpool. I've been doggedly working at making it a reality since then and hope you think it worthwhile.

I'm a politics graduate and RSA fellow with a keen interest in world events, philosophy and science. When I'm not working on Actual News I'll be reading something, tweeting from @ActualNewsTom or updating - a project to publish my entire degree.


Oliver is a web designer and developer. Sometimes he even utilises these skills to make things. More often, he spends his free time trying to climb big rocks and escape responsibilities.

This website predominantly arose due to Tom being far too tenacious with his ideas, and those rocks just not being quite high enough for Oliver to escape on.


David is the lead developer on the project, and the man who makes the magic happen. Without David, most of the website would still be a list of Toms' scrappy notes and scribbles, and a disjointed set of attractive but ultimately useless graphics by Oliver.