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Actual News is a current affairs service for PCs, tablets and smartphones which generates unique news content - displayed and organised through an intuitive, futuristic interface

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About Actual News

Actual News is new concept news service launching through this website and onto smartphones and tablets in 2016.

The purpose of our service is to reinvent the way you experience and interact with current events. Actual News is designed to present actual news from places and locations you choose to explore.

Our home screen is a large map of the world showing stories which affect everyone. Zooming to investigate continents, countries and cities will reveal national and local events picked out in clean, modern graphics.

Tying our interface together is Actual News' soon-to-be iconic NewsWheel. This innovation organises the world's events and lets you spin swiftly through reports; while beautiful graphics map connections between world happenings.

We're basing the service on the idea that you might want to explore the world's news; not be told what stories are important. When you don't want a bird's-eye view of events, powerful and simple search tools get you round the planet quickly.

Gathering and publishing stories written by journalistic partners across the globe helps make a news service done differently. The editorial team don't decide what our partners write stories about - anyone can publish an article so we can't (& won't) control content.

Be a journalist: make an argument, support a cause, tell the world about an event, comment on your society... Article templates will guide you through adding media, locations and links. Our software does the rest.

Your article will be linked to others on the map which back it up or expand on its argument - and you get paid for writing it! We don't think paywalls work; so we're asking readers to contribute to writers whose work they enjoy to build up a worldwide online community - an informative commons.

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How Actual News works

It's a simple idea: do away with endless lists of stories and put them on a map - though our interface is a little jazzier than that and only part of Actual News’ functionality. What really makes Actual News work is you... and you... and you... and us.

We're setting up a news service free of editorial control, powered by an open-source news community. Aspiring journalists and writers in need of a platform and forum have one - and get paid for writing. Anyone tired of the cycle of the same headlines can explore world events, written by people experiencing them and displayed on a fun, intuitive, stand-out interface.

We want to help uncover great journalism and untold, unfound stories from across the globe; while reviving quality, publicly-led investigative reporting. We’ll encourage readers to support our writing partners with contributions to articles they enjoy. 80% of all submissions go to the writer, uncapped. Our software will help put articles together by suggesting issues, providing a range of templates and making intelligent suggestions to avoid repeat articles.

Actual News’ in-house editors will fact-check your piece and make sure it reads well, then get it online. We’ll never change the content or intent of your piece without your say-so, the aim of editing is to maintain a quality news service - not to satisfy somebody paying for an advert. The more articles you post, the less we’ll check. The only grounds for rejecting an article are: hate speech, patent falsehoods or pseudoscience. Or if it doesn’t actually say anything - i.e. is ‘clickbait’.

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The NewsWheel

There had to be a better way of organising information than endless lists and rows of pictures. Presenting: The NewsWheel.

When panning and zooming around maps, stories are represented by icons - technology, sport, politics, entertainment, investigation... Tap or click to see the article, or press / double-click to activate the NewsWheel.

Summoning the NewsWheel will cause it to gather popular nearby stories from the map and show article previews. Cycle through previews rolodex-style, tap/click to read full articles; or rotate the genre selector to have the NewsWheel show you all local stories in that news category, arranged by distance. Move the wheel to a different town, country or continent to pick up news from different areas.

By default, summoning the NewsWheel over the world map shows you the word's most-read stories for the day - though you can customise all its search functions.

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